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WoOoh updates its personal data protection policy in compliance with European regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2017 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the " Rules »),as well as those of the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, as the latter was modified and last supplemented by the law n ° 2018-493 of June 20 2018 promulgated on June 21, 2018 (the “ Data Protection Act ”), to inform you about the data that we collect about you and the use we make of it. Your experience will remain unchanged and you can exercise your rights in relation to your data at any time.

This Policy may be subject to updates. We invite you to consult it regularly on our website

last update : 22/01/2021

community standards
Every day, people use WoOoh to share experiences, connect with loved ones, and build communities. Our service enables more than two billion people to express themselves freely, across borders and cultures, in dozens of languages.

Violence and provocation

We want to prevent any risk of offline danger potentially related to content on WoOoh. While it is common for users to express their disdain or disagreement in the form of threats or calls for violence, but in a non-serious manner, we remove comments that encourage or allow serious violence. When we believe that content poses a real risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety, we remove the content, deactivate the affected accounts and work with the authorities. We also try to examine the language used and the context to distinguish trivial statements from those that pose a real threat to public safety or that of an individual. To determine the credibility of a threat, we may look at other information, such as an individual's degree of public exposure and risks to their physical safety.
In some cases, we see aspirations and conditional statements of violence against terrorists or other perpetrators of violence (e.g. terrorists deserve death), and we do not find them credible in the absence of evidence. specific to the contrary.

Dangerous people and organisms

In order to avoid and prevent any real danger, organizations or individuals who claim violent goals or who are involved in violent activity are not welcome on WoOoh. This includes organizations and individuals involved in the following activities:
Terrorist activities
Organized hatred
Multiple killings (including attempted) or homicides
Human trafficking
Violence or organized criminal activity
We also remove any content supporting or praising groups, leaders or individuals involved in these activities. Learn more about our efforts to combat terrorism online here.
We do not allow the following individuals (living or deceased) and groups to maintain a presence (for example, by owning an account, page, group) on our platform: Terrorist organizations and terrorists, which include:
A non-state actor who:
takes part in intentional and premeditated acts of violence, defends or actively supports them: who cause or attempt to cause death, injury or serious damage to civilians or to any other person not taking a direct part in hostilities in the context of an armed conflict, or serious property damage associated with the death, serious injuries or serious damage of which the victims are civilians for the purpose of subjugating, intimidating or influencing a civilian population, government or international organization to achieve a political, religious or ideological goal Hateful organizations and their prominent leaders and members

A hate-driven organization is: Any association of three or more people organized under one name or symbol and whose ideology, statements or physical actions are detrimental to individuals based on characteristics, including ethnicity or ethnicity, religious affiliation , nationality, sex, sexual orientation, serious illness or disability. Mass murderers or multiple homicides (including attempted)

We consider a homicide to be a killing if at least three deaths occur in a single incident We consider a killing attempt to be characterized by a person using a weapon or vehicle to attack many people or several people in a public space We consider a multiple murderer to be anyone who has committed two or more murders in multiple incidents or in multiple locations. Groups involved in human trafficking and their leaders

Groups involved in human trafficking are organizations responsible for the following acts: Prostitution of others, forced / bonded labor, slavery or organ harvesting Recruitment, transport, transfer, detention, provision, accommodation or reception of a minor or an adult against their will Criminal organizations and their prominent leaders and members

A criminal organization corresponds to:
Any association of three or more persons, united under one name, one or more colors, one or more hand gestures or a mark of recognition, which participates or threatens to participate in criminal activities, and in particular:
Drug trafficking
Arms trafficking
Identity theft
Money Laundering
Extortion or trafficking
Sexual exploitation

We do not allow sharing of symbols representing any of the above organizations or individuals on our platform without a context condemning the content or discussing in a neutral manner.
We prohibit any content promoting any of the above organizations or individuals or any acts committed by them.
We prohibit the coordination of support in favor of the above organizations or individuals or any act committed by them.
We do not allow content that glorifies, supports or depicts events that WoOoh refers to as terrorist attacks, hate events, (attempted) mass murders, serial murders, hate crimes and infringing events.
We do not allow the following groups to manage any IG Page, Group, Event or Profile on our platform or for any third party to do so on their behalf. The Administrators of these Pages, Groups and Events will also be deleted:
Militarized Social Movements (MSM) such as militias or groups that support and organize violent acts within demonstrations. Conspiracy networks that incite violence, like QAnon. Click here to learn more about how we deal with movements and organizations related to violence.

Coordination of harm or promotion of criminal actions

In order to prevent and prevent offline harm and identity theft, we prohibit the facilitation, organization, promotion or admission of certain criminal or harmful activities directed at any person, business, property, or person. animals. We empower people to debate and advocate for the legality of certain criminal and harmful activities as well as to highlight criminal or harmful activities that they may witness or be victims of as long as they do not defend or organize no harm.
Do not post content that falls into the following categories: Violence Against People Showing, confessing or promoting the following activities, whether they are activities you have committed yourself or activities committed by your accomplices:
Acts of physical violence against humans, including acts of domestic violence, except when shared in the context of redemption or defense of oneself or a third party
Statements of intent and calls to action affirming, supporting or apologizing, showing, confessing or making a positive comment about the following acts committed by you or your accomplices:
The swatting
Showing, promoting, apologizing or encouraging:
participating in a high-risk viral challenge Animal abuse Statements of intent and calls to action affirming, supporting or apologizing for, showing, confessing or promoting:
Acts of violence against animals committed by you or your associates except in connection with hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice, preparing or processing food, vermin or pests, in self-defense or of redemption Staged fights between animals, including acts committed by third parties Violence against property
Calls to action and statements of intent affirming, supporting or condoning violence against property, which illustrate, authorize or promote the following acts committed by you or your associates:
Vandalism Computer hacking when the intention is to hijack a domain, corrupt or disrupt cyber systems, demand a ransom or gain unauthorized access to data systems Theft when it is committed by you or your associates as well as positive statements regarding a theft committed by a third party Election fraud and census fraud Offer to buy or sell votes in cash or in gifts Statements which give instruction, show an explicit intention to participate illegally in a vote or enumeration, or encourage one to do so Election interference and interference with a census
False statements about the dates, places and times as well as the methods of voting or registration on the electoral rolls or in the census False statements about who can vote, the conditions required to vote, the counting of votes and the information and / or documents necessary to be able to vote. False statements about who can take part in the census and what information or documents are needed to take part Content claiming that the US Customs and Border Control Agency (ICE) is at a polling location
For the following content, we display a warning to advise that this is potentially sensitive content: Images illustrating a viral challenge that presents a great risk, if shared with subtitles / captions that denounce or want to inform about the associated risks
We ask for context and / or additional information to ensure adherence to the following Community Standards: Do not post:
Content revealing the identity of a witness, informant, activist, or person whose disclosure of identity or involvement in a court case has been prohibited. Images that may mislead the public as to its origin, if:
the represented entity or authorized representative opposes the image, and whether the images can potentially harm members of the public Other misrepresentation related to voting in an official election or taking part in a census may be subject to our misinformation standards, as mentioned in Article 20 False statements about the (non-) participation of a candidate Calls for coordinated interference that would affect an individual's ability to take part in an official census or election Content that states that participation in the vote or census could or will result in legal consequences (such as arrest, deportation or imprisonment) False statements about government involvement in the census, including, where applicable, the fact that the individual's census information will be shared with another government agency (whose main activity is not the census ) Statements indicating the intention, support or promotion of going to an electoral site, a polling place or vote counting in order to monitor or observe the activity of voters or officials in the organization elections using military language (eg "war", "army" or "soldier") or an explicit purpose of intimidation, exercise of control or demonstration of power (eg "let's show - their bosses! ”,“ if they're afraid, they won't vote! ”)

Regulated goods

To promote safety and compliance with general legal restrictions, we prohibit any attempt to buy, sell, or trade non-therapeutic substances, drugs, and marijuana by individuals, producers, or traders. We also prohibit the buying, selling, giving, trading and transfer of firearms, including parts of firearms and ammunition, between individuals on WoOoh. Some of these items are not regulated everywhere; however, due to the borderless nature of our community, we try to apply our bylaws as consistently as possible. Armories and online sellers may promote items available for sale outside of our services as long as they comply with applicable laws and regulations. We allow discussions regarding the sale of firearms and firearm parts in stores or through online vendors and advocating for change in firearms regulations. Regulated goods that are not prohibited by our Community Standards may be subject to our stricter trade rules.
Do not publish:
firearms ; Content that

attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or solicit firearms, gun parts, ammunition, explosives or lethal upgrades between private individuals, unless published by a real physical store , a legitimate website, brand or government agency (eg, a police department or fire station). provides access to instructions for 3D printing or computer aided manufacturing of firearms or firearm parts, even when published by real physical stores, brands and legitimate websites . Non-medical drugs:
Content that
attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or solicit non-medical drugs is recognized by the author of the publication himself or others as selling or marketing non-medical medicines recognizes personal consumption without confirmation or reference to recovery, treatment or other aid to combat consumption speaks positively, encourages, coordinates or explains the use or manufacture of non-medical drugs Marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs: Content that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate, gift or solicit marijuana or pharmaceutical drugs Alcohol / Tobacco: Content that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or gift alcohol or tobacco products and that is not published by a hummingbird page, group or profile representing a physical point of sale, a legitimate website or brand Endangered species:
Content that
attempts to sell, buy, market, donate, gift or solicit endangered species or their organs is recognized by the author of the post himself or others as poaching, buying or trading in endangered species or their organs illustrates the poaching of endangered species and their organs committed by the author of the publication himself or others speaks positively, coordinates or encourages poaching of endangered species and their organs provides instructions for using or creating products from endangered species and parts of their bodies Live animals that are not endangered: Content that attempts to buy, sell or market live animals that are not endangered between private individuals. Human blood:
Content that attempts to buy, sell or market human blood Content that solicits human blood except for a donation or gift Weight loss products:
Content about allegedly miraculous weight loss and tempting to buy, sell, market, donate or gift weight loss products or supplements Historical artefacts:
Content that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate, gift or solicit historical artifacts With respect to the following content, we limit visibility to adults aged 21 and over: firearms ; content posted or promoting a real physical store, website, brand or legitimate government agency that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or gift firearms, parts of weapons fire, ammunition, explosives or lethal upgrades. With respect to the following content, we limit visibility to adults aged eighteen and over: Alcohol / Tobacco:
Content posted by or promoting a physical store, legitimate website or brand that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or gift alcohol or tobacco products on WoOoh services. Edged weapons:
Content that attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or gift knives. Weight loss products:
Content that
attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or give away weight loss products recognizes or demonstrates the use of a product allowing weight loss, unless he condemns it speaks positively, coordinates or encourages the use of products for weight loss communicates instructions for using or designing products for weight loss Potentially dangerous cosmetic procedures:
Content that
attempts to buy, sell, market, donate or give away a potentially dangerous cosmetic procedure recognizes or demonstrates the use of a potentially dangerous cosmetic intervention, unless he condemns it speaks positively, coordinates or encourages the use of a potentially dangerous cosmetic procedure communicates instructions for using or performing a potentially dangerous cosmetic procedure

Do not publish:
Content that depicts real people and makes fun of their serious physical injuries, starvation, and serious or fatal illness or disability.
Content that includes sadistic remarks as well as any visual or written depiction of real people suffering premature death, serious physical injury, and physical or domestic violence.
Images showing real animals experiencing or being ridiculed or containing sadistic remarks in the following situations (except an animal staged in opposition to animal fights in the wild or not):
premature death serious physical injury (including dismemberment) physical violence perpetrated by a human

Unwanted content

We are working hard to limit the spread of spam, as we do not want to allow content that is intended to deceive or attempt to mislead users for visibility. This content creates a negative experience, reduces the ability of users to automatically engage in online communities, and may threaten the security, stability and use of our services. We also intend to prevent the abuse of our platforms, products or features for the purposes of increasing visibility or mass distribution of content for commercial benefit.

Do not:
Publish, share, take part, manually or automatically, in content or create accounts, groups, pages, events or other elements, at very high frequencies. Attempting or successfully selling, buying or trading site privileges or product features, such as accounts, administrator roles, post permissions, pages, groups, likes, etc. except for clearly identified branded content, as defined in our Branded Content Policy. Require or demand that users take part in content (e.g. like, share) before they can view or interact with the promised content.
Encourage people to like, share, follow, click or use apps or websites for false pretenses like:
Offer services or features that do not exist or are bogus (for example "Get an 'dislike' button) Fail to direct to promised content (eg "Click here for a discount code at Nordstrom"; fake play buttons) Redirecting users outside of WoOoh using deceptive or deceptive URLs, which is defined as:
Hide: Submit different content to WoOoh users and WoOoh crawlers or tools.
Misleading Content: Content that includes a link that promises one type of content, but delivers something significantly different.
Misleading pop-up websites: Websites that require an action (captcha, watch an ad, click here) in order to see the content of the expected landing page and whose domain name or URL changes after completion of the action needed.
Obligation to "Like" / to Share: Landing pages on which users must "like", share or take part in content before they can access content outside of WoOoh. < br> Deceptive Landing Page Functionality: Websites that present a deceptive user interface, which generates accidental traffic (pop-ups / unders, clickjacking, etc.)
Identity theft: The website claims to be a reputable brand or service by using a name, domain or content that includes a typo, spelling or other instrument to impersonate well-known brands www.,, and using a landing page similar to another trusted website to deceive visitors.
As well as other behaviors substantially similar to those listed above.

Deceptive behavior

As part of our commitment to authenticity, we do not allow people to lie about their identity on WoOoh, use fake accounts, artificially increase the popularity of their content, or engage in behaviors aimed at enabling other violations under our Community Standards. The purpose of this policy is to protect the security of account users and our services and to create a place where people can trust others and the communities with which they interact.

Do not:
Use multiple WoOoh accounts or share a WoOoh account among multiple people Subverted use of WoOoh and hummingbird reporting systems to harass third parties Concealing the purpose of a Page by deceiving users about the ownership or control of that Page Engaging or attempting to engage in deceptive behavior, which is defined as using WoOoh or hummingbird resources (accounts, pages, groups, or events) to deceive people on WoOoh:
on the identity, purpose or origin of the entity it represents
on the popularity of WoOoh or hummingbird content or elements
on the purpose of the audience or the community
on the source or origin of the content
to circumvent provisions of our Community Standards
Engaging or attempting to engage in Organized Deceptive Behavior, which is defined as the use of multiple WoOoh or Hummingbird elements, coordinating to implement Deceptive Behavior (defined above), in which the use of fake accounts is central Carrying out or attempting to carry out Government or Foreign Interference, which is Deceptive Behavior organized on behalf of a foreign or government actor.

If we change or update our Terms of Service, we will post the changes and updates to so that you are always aware of the information we collect, use and disclose.

We encourage you to review our Terms of Service from time to time to see if these Terms of Service have been changed or updated.

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